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Welcome to my adventure to Alaska!

In late December 2006, I decided to ride my motorcycle to Alaska and told a few people.  In the intervening months before I left, people would ask me, “Is the ride to Alaska still on?”  My answer was always “Yes”, but their asking seemed to shake my confidence a bit and caused me to evaluate once again whether this was a foolhardy adventure. 

I asked my nephew to go with me, but he declined for very good reasons after six weeks of thinking about it.  So, I would do the ride alone. 

I read an appeal by a famous black pastor to his listeners to attempt something out of their comfort zone, and he gave a long list of examples.  Riding a motorcycle to Alaska at 71 yrs old wasn’t one of them; however, as the time for leaving drew nearer, I knew I was embarking on an adventure that surely qualifies as being out of my comfort zone.

[Leaving for Alaska]


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